SNC joins Lockheed team for USAF JSTARS Recapitalization program

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SNC joins Lockheed team for USAF JSTARS Recapitalization program
Lockheed Martin recently announced that Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) has joined the Skunk Works JSTARS Recapitalization (Recap) team, which currently includes Bombardier and Raytheon, bringing greater value to the partnership, and the team's ability to deliver a premier solution to the U.S. Air Force.
Artist's rendering of Lockheed team proposal for the US Air Force JSTARS Recap Program
(Credit: Lockheed Martin)
SNC, which previously qualified as a prime contractor candidate for the U.S. Air Force's JSTARS Recap program, will perform modifications to Bombardier's Global 6000 aircraft, and will help obtain the necessary airworthiness certifications from the FAA and U.S. Air Force. This strategic partnership further enhances this powerful industry team to provide a system that will drive cost-savings, schedule and performance efficiencies for the U.S. Air Force.

"We are extremely pleased to combine forces with the Lockheed Martin-led team," said Ralph Pollit, senior vice president of SNC's Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) business area. "We look forward to contributing to the team's success by applying decades of experience in modifying and certifying commercial and military aircraft for a wide-variety of users around the globe."

Lockheed Martin is the lead systems integrator for the program, while Raytheon brings its experience with ground surveillance, ISR systems, and JSTARS communications. Bombardier will provide its ultra-long-range Global 6000 business jet platform, which is less expensive to operate than modern airliners and is uniquely suited to the JSTARS Recap mission.

"SNC shares our team's vision and commitment to our warfighters," said Andrew Adams, vice president of Advanced Systems, Lockheed Martin Skunk Works. "Together we will deliver a system that offers the optimum solution – quickly and affordably."

The Global 6000 business jet features 94-ft wingspan, 99,500-lb take off gross weight, and can carry up to 13 passengers in standard configuration. It has a 6,000 NM range at M 0.85, and a 51,000 ft max operating altitude

The Global 6000 currently flies in the US Air Force inventory as the E-11A, providing a vital battlefield airborne communications node. It also operates with the United Kingdom's Royal Air Force, the German Luftwaffe and the Federal Aviation Administration.