New Su-30SM squadron formed in Russia's Western Military District

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New Su-30SM squadron formed in Russia's Western Military District
The first squadron fully armed with Su-30SM jets was created in Kursk. Another unit with the new-generation aircraft will appear next year, the Western Military District said. "A wing of Su-30SM completed redeployment to the air regiment of the Western Military District deployed in Kursk region to arm the first combat squadron," it said.
New Su 30SM squadron formed in Russia s Western Military District 640 001A RusAF Su-30SM fighter jet
(Credit: Russian MoD)
Acting Commander of the air division of the district Colonel Roman Kostenyuk said the new squadron comprises the 100th aircraft built by the enterprise in Irkutsk.

"Supplies of new aircraft will continue in 2018. Another squadron will be formed with super maneuverable new-generation fighter jets," the district said.

The multirole Su-30SM (serial, modernized) (Flanker-H by NATO classification) is designed to win supremacy in the air and for strikes at ground and surface targets. The aircraft has front horizontal fin and steerable thrusters. They make the aircraft super maneuverable. Su-30SM carries multifunctional Bars radar. It has a broad range of weapons, including air-to-air missiles and high-precision air-to-surface armaments. Su-30SM can be used to train pilots for perspective one-seater fighters. The aircraft has been built since 2012.