Two new C-130J Super Hercules delivered to USAF and US Coast Guard

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Two new C-130J Super Hercules delivered to USAF and US Coast Guard
The US defense giant Lockheed Martin recently delivered two C-130J Super Hercules aircraft: one HC-130J long range surveillance/search and rescue aircraft to the U.S. Coast Guard and an MC-130J Commando II Special Operations tanker to the U.S. Air Force.
Two new C 130J Super Hercules delivered to USAF and US Coast Guard 640 001Lockheed recently delivered a HC-130J and a MC-130J Commando II to USCG and USAF
(Credit: Lockheed Martin/Damien A. Guarnieri/Todd R. McQueen)
The Coast Guard’s HC-130J was originally delivered in 2015 and received post-production modifications at Lockheed Martin’s Greenville, South Carolina, facility. It was ferried from Greenville on May 10 by a Coast Guard crew.

The HC-130J is the long-range search and rescue variant of the C-130J flown by the U. S. Coast Guard. The aircraft's mission system includes automatic identification and direction-finding capabilities; long range, multi-mode radar; electro-optical and infraread, or EO/IR, sensor turret that provides both imagery and target data; advanced open architecture mission system processor; and an extensive communications suite. The HC-130J features a 20 percent increase in speed and altitude and a 40 percent increase in range compared to the HC-130H model.

The MC-130J was ferried from here today by a U.S. Air Force crew. It is assigned to Air Force Special Operations Command at Hurlburt Field, Florida. The Commando II flies clandestine, or low visibility, single or multiship, low-level air refueling missions for special operations helicopters and tiltrotor aircraft, and infiltration, exfiltration, and resupply of special operations forces (SOF) by airdrop or airland intruding politically sensitive or hostile territories.

The MC-130J is replacing the aging SOF fleet of 37 MC-130E and P tankers. The first aircraft was delivered in September 2011 to Cannon Air Force Base, N.M., with final delivery expected in fiscal year 2017.

The C-130 Hercules is the standard for tactical airlifters, providing a unique mix of versatility and performance to complete any mission, anytime, anywhere.