Russia plans to complete Tu-22M3 bombers modernization program by 2019

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Russia plans to complete Tu-22M3 bombers modernization program by 2019
Tupolev Tu-22M3 (NATO reporting name: Backfire-C) long-range supersonic bombers in service with the Russian Long-Range Aviation are expected to be fully upgraded in late 2018, Director of the Kazan Aircraft-Manufacturing Plant’s Design Center Boris Naishuler told TASS on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016. The Kazan Aircraft-Manufacturing Plant is a subsidiary of the Tupolev Design Bureau.
Russia plans to complete Tu 22M3 bombers modernization program by 2019 640 001The RuAF currently operates 63 Tu-22M/MR long-range bombers
"In-depth upgrade of Tu-22M3 bombers is planned to be completed in late 2018," Naishuler said. It was reported earlier that the Russian Defense Ministry was planning to modernize about 30 aircraft of this type by 2020.

According to the Russian Aerospace Force, a new version of the aircraft will have an expanded weapons suite and equipment based on advanced electronic componentry, including another sighting system, as well as a cockpit with improved ergonomic characteristics.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry’s plans, the Long-Range Aviation was expected to receive 12 upgraded Tu-22M3 bombers in 2015.

Aircraft of this type have been taking part in the operation against militants of the Islamic State terrorist organization (outlawed in Russia) in Syria since November 2015. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, 12 Tu-22M3 bombers have performed sorties from the airfield in Mozdok in North Ossetia to attack the Islamic State’s infrastructure facilities.

The Tu-22M3 long-range supersonic bomber is designed to attack the enemy’s ground and surface targets with missiles and bombs, including Kh-22 (AS-4 Kitchen) anti-ship missiles. The Tu-22M3 bomber has a variable-geometry wing. The Tu-22M3 bomber has a maximum takeoff weight of 124 tons, a length of 42.46 meters, a maximum flight speed of 2,000 km/h (1,243 mph), a tactical operational radius of 2,200 kilometers (1,367 miles) and an operational ceiling of 14,000 meters. The Tu-22MR reconnaissance aircraft has been developed on the basis of the Tu-22M3 bomber.

According to data of the US Military Balance journal, the Russian Aerospace Force operates 63 Tu-22M3/MR aircraft.
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