Morocco received its final CH-47D Chinook helicopter

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Morocco received its final CH-47D Chinook helicopter
The Royal Morocco Air Force (RMAF) has received in August its final Boeing CH-47D Chinook helicopter acquired from the United States Army through a Foreign Military Sale programme. The contract included the three helicopters with six T55-GA-714A engines plus two spare, SINCGARS radios, mission, spare parts, communication; navigation; ground support and other related equipment.
Morocco received its final CH 47D Chinook helicopter 640 001One of the three CH-47D Chinook tranport helicopters delivered to the RMAF
Under the contract, the helicopters had gone through a complete interior and exterior refurbishment, engine overhaul and repainting in desert camouflage pattern. This sub-contract was carried out by Columbia Helicopters in Oregon, USA. The Chinooks were delivered to the company in November 2014 and the first one was handed-over last April. With the conclusion of the works, they were shipped to Morocco where they were reassembled by Columbia’s engineers, tested and finally delivered to RMAF.

Morocco’s Air Force had procured 12 CH-47C Chinook helicopters by Elicotteri Meridonali, now known as AgustaWestland, in 1979 and 1982. Their current status is unknown. It is estimated that up to eight helicopters are flying.

Morocco has been a recipient of US military aid. From 2009 until 2014 the country received USD108 million for counterterrorism operations. It had recently procured 17 Lockheed Martin F-16 fighter aircraft under a USD1.5 billion FMS programme. Some of them have taken part in the operations against Houthi rebels in Yemen and one aircraft was lost. Security concerns with neighbouring Libya and in the sub-Saharan region will continue to drive Morocco’s procurement in the near-term.