Iran Has Developed New Unmanned Version of its Qaher-313 Stealth Fighter Jet

Iran's defense industry is set to make a significant leap with the forthcoming unveiling of its new unmanned stealth fighter aircraft, the "Qaher-313" (Conqueror-313). Afshin Khajehfard, the chief of the Iran Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO), confirmed that the aircraft is in its final stages of development and will be displayed in the coming months.

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Iran Has Developed New Unmanned Version of its Qaher 313 Stealth Fighter Jet 925 001 Iran has developed a new unmanned version of its Qaher-313 stealth fighter aircraft.  (Picture source: Iranian media)

Khajehfard revealed that the Qaher-313 will be produced in two configurations, although the specifics of these configurations were not disclosed. The aircraft is expected to incorporate cutting-edge technology developed domestically by Iranian experts.

Despite facing international sanctions and limited access to global arms technology, Iran has managed to develop the Qaher-313. "Iranian military experts have managed to acquire the cutting-edge know-how and developed new domestic technologies because multinational arms corporations do not share required technology with Iran," Khajehfard stated.

The Qaher-313 is not Iran's first foray into aircraft development. The country has a history of maintaining and refitting its aircraft, even under sanctions. "Despite sanctions and other coercive measures, Iranian military experts and technicians have been able to maintain and refit every aircraft used by the country’s armed forces during the last four decades," added Khajehfard.

The unveiling of the Qaher-313 is expected to be a significant milestone for Iran's defense capabilities. It showcases the country's ability to develop advanced military technologies despite international restrictions, and it is likely to play a crucial role in bolstering Iran's defense posture.

The Qaher-313 (also known as Ghaher-313, Conqueror-313, Q-313, F-313) is a planned Iranian single-seat stealth fighter aircraft. It was publicly announced on February 1, 2013, with a press presentation made by then-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi. The aircraft is under development by the Iran Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO), a division of Iran's Ministry of Defense.

The aircraft features a canard configuration and is described as a stealth fighter built with advanced materials. It has a very low radar signature and is capable of low-altitude operations. The Qaher-313 can carry either two 2,000-pound bombs, multiple smaller smart guided missiles, or at least six PL-12 type air-to-air missiles. It features a downward wingtip device, which vaguely resembles the Boeing Bird of Prey prototype but has a more faceted design similar to the Lockheed Have Blue.

The aircraft could potentially be powered by reverse-engineered variants of the General Electric J85 turbojet that Iran is known to have. Iran claims to have designed the aircraft using CATIA three-dimensional interactive design software and tested it using various simulation software.