Russia developing EW system based on Mi-8AMTSh helicopter

Russia is developing an electronic warfare (EW) system on the basis of the Mil Mi-8AMTSh (NATO reporting name: Hip) helicopter to jam communication, automated troops command and control systems, a source in the defense industry told TASS.

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Russia developing EW system based on Mi 8AMTSh helicopter Mi-8AMTSh helicopter (Picture source: Air Recognition)

The helicopter is currently undergoing flight tests, the source added.

“An electronic warfare system is being developed on the basis of the Mi-8AMTSh helicopter to jam communication, troops command and control systems, including automated ones. The flight tests of the helicopter are at the final stage,” the source said.

Earlier, Russia was successfully developing EW systems to counter precision-guided weapons and onboard systems of attack and unmanned aerial vehicles, the source said. In this case, the helicopter will suppress ground-based troops command and control systems and special communication means.


About Mi-8AMTSh

Mi-8AMTSh transport and assault helicopter (Hip by NATO classification) is a modernized option of Mi-8 combat-transport craft designated to destroy hardware, including armored, cover and fire positions, and troops of the adversary. The helicopter can be armed with unguided weapons and high-precision armaments, in particular, antitank guided 9M120 Ataka or 9M114 Shturm missiles.

The helicopter can carry up to 37 paratroopers, 12 wounded on stretches or airlift up to 4 tons of cargo, engage in search-and-rescue and evacuation operations. The craft has two VK-2500 engines of enhanced capacity and a complex of defense means. The cockpit of the new helicopter is equipped with multifunctional indicators to display the map of the terrain and the latest navigational and piloting equipment which operates with GPS and GLONASS satellite navigation systems. Mi-8AMTSh is distinguished by improved resource characteristics which decrease maintenance costs during the life cycle.

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