Russia: UAC begins final assembly of Il-114-300

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) began to dock the first fuselage sections of the Il-114-300 aircraft. The work is done by the MiG Corporation at Lukhovitsy Aircraft Plant. The docking is done by the automatic bench designed for the project, the UAC said.

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Russia UAC begins final assembly of Il 114 300 Il-114-300 (Picture source: UAC)

The next stage is to begin in the third quarter of 2020 and will dock wing consoles and assemble tail fins. The glider will then have engines installed. Four assembly platforms have been created. The final stage will include factory and certification trials.

“Il-114-300 is a completely domestic aircraft with modern avionics and a powerful Russian TV7-117ST-01 turboprop engine. It is reliable in harsh operating conditions. It can land on short and dirt airstrips, as well as Arctic ice. I am sure Il-114-300 is the most prospective aircraft in its class,” Rostec aviation cluster Industrial Director Anatoly Serdyukov said.

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