Occar achieves new milestone of the A400M Programme

As a major development milestone of the A400M Programme, Type Acceptance of the aircraft design standard NSOC2 (New Standard Operative Clearance-2) has been achieved via a Contract Amendment signed on 24 July 2020.

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Occar achieves new milestone of the A400M Programme 925 002German Air Force Airbus A400M.  (Picture source: Occar)

Activities continue in order to complete the development, with the achievement of interim aircraft standards NSOC2 and NSOC2.5 (New Standard Operating Capability) to be followed by the final SOC3 (Standard Operating Capability) aircraft standard scheduled in 2022. Further progress are being and have been achieved in delivery capabilities, including aerial delivery and Electronic Warfare.

In addition to the already mentioned automatic low-level flight capability and full paratrooper simultaneous dispatch certifications, the programme also successfully completed the initial helicopter air-to-air dry refuelling trials, wet trials being due to take place in the coming weeks.

Occar achieves new milestone of the A400M Programme 925 001 A400M NEW AIRCRAFT STANDARD NSOC2. (Picture source: Airbus)

About A400M Tactical and Strategic Airlifter Program:

The A400M meets the demands of efficient, all-terrain, transport of modern military operations: in all weather, day and night, for troops, as a tanker or for equipment up to the size of helicopters.

Today's armed forces require flexible and cost-effective means of deploying rapidly their manpower and resources. This need was reflected in a joint European Staff Requirement that was endorsed in 1997 by eight European nations, all of the members of NATO. Following an assessment of a number of proposals to meet this requirement, the nations announced on 27 July 2000 that their choice was in favour of the Airbus A400M proposal.

A400M is a new design tailored to meet the customer's needs and is at the forefront of developments in new technology for a large transport aircraft. The aircraft also offers the possibility of greater interoperability, as well as multi-national training and support packages with the potential to offer major through-life savings. The programme breaks new ground in European collaborative procurement with the adoption of a more commercial approach towards its acquisition and support.

The programme has been officially launched and integrated into OCCAR in May 2003. The current intention of the Participating States is to procure a total of 170 aircraft made up as follows: Germany 53, France 50, Spain 27, Turkey 10, UK 22, Belgium 7, Luxembourg 1 (Luxembourg is represented by Belgium within the OCCAR A400M Programme).