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Franco-Chadian operation against incursion of an armed column

On Sunday, February 3, 2019, around 18:00h Paris time, a Mirage 2000 patrol of the French "Armée de l'Air" (Air Force) intervened jointly with the Chadian army in Northern Chad to strike a column of 40 pickups of an armed group coming from Lybia.

Franco Chadian operation against incursion of an armed column Mirage 2000 (Picture source : Armée de l'Air)

The armed column, infiltrating deep into Chadian territory, was a threat for Chadian homeland security. Engaged from the N'Djamena base, the Mirage 2000 had performed Sunday, February 3 morning a show of force above the column.

The pickup progress continued despite this warning, then a second patrol of Mirage 2000s took off in the afternoon to conduct two strikes. This intervention, in response to the request of the Chadian authorities, helped to hinder this hostile advance and disperse the column.