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Irkut upgrades YaK-130 operational trainer

Russia`s Corporation Irkut (a subsidiary of the United Aircraft Corporation) is continuing the modernization of the Yakovlev YaK-130 (NATO reporting name: Mitten) operational trainer, according to the press department of the state corporation Rostec.

Irkut upgrades YaK 130 operational trainer Yakovlev Yak- 130 (Picture source: Russian MoD)

"The works on the modernization of the YaK-130 are underway. A variant of the aircraft, which is fitted with a laser rangefinder, is passing through its tests. The platform is planned to receive an integral optical-location targeting system, onboard protection suite, and radar. These devices will allow the developer to turn the YaK-130 into a multifunctional combat aircraft that can engage all types of targets," said a spokesperson for Rostec.

According to the Corporation Irkut, the actual configuration of the YaK-130 can carry R-73E (AA-11 Archer) air-to-air missiles with infrared seekers, KAB-500Kr guided bomb units with TV guidance, various free-fall bombs, S-8/S-13/S-25 unguided rockets, and the SNPU-130 gun pod with a Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-23L 23 mm automatic cannon.

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