Boeing reveals concept images of new F-15EX

US aerospace giant Boeing has released concept images depicting the new F-15EX Advanced Eagle fighter aircraft.

Boeing reveals concept images of new F 15EX SENSORS Aggregate sensor data for a 360-degree view of the battle space (Picture source: Boeing)

With new concept images, Boeing reveals additional details of new fighter jet purpose-built for the U.S. Air Force.

- An advanced cockpit system that provides real-time access to battlefield information and enhances the pilot’s understanding of the environment to reduce work load, speed decision-making and mission management.

- Aggregate sensor data for a 360 degree view of the battle space. Fused onboard/off-board data enables simultaneous monitoring of multiple sensors/ data sources. This provides enhanced situational awareness, speeds decision making and eases pilot workload.

- Unmatched weapon station capacity up to 29,500 lbs. of a payload supported by 12 certified air-to-air hardpoints and 15 certified air-to-ground hardpoints.

- A fully integrated electronic warfare suite provides a full spectrum of protection and enables dominant engagement of new and emerging threats. The F-15EX will be able to survive modern integrated air defense systems and seamlessly communicate with other sensors to deliver automated IR countermeasures for enhanced survivability.

Boeing reveals concept images of new F 15EX COCKPIT An advanced cockpit system (Picture source: Boeing )

Boeing reveals concept images of new F 15EX FULL The F-15EX will be able to survive modern integrated air defense systems (Picture source: Boeing )

Last month, the U.S. Air Force unveiled a nearly $166 billion budget request for fiscal 2020 includes plans to buy eight new F-15EX fighter aircraft to replace ageing F-15C/D fleet.

According to the budget request, it will cost $80 million per airframe, but that cost will rise to ~$125 million for each of the eight jets “to set up the line” and account for non-recurring engineering costs in the first year of procurement.

Total deal will be worth more than $1.1 billion and covers production of eight brand-new F-15EX fourth-plus generation fighters.