Upgraded Su-30SM fighter jets will be equipped with turbojet engines of Su-35S aircraft, Ufa engine-manufacturing company (ODK-UMPO) said in its paper submitted to the Aviastroitel of the Year contest.

AL 41F 1S engine for SU 30SM 001 An AL-41F-1S engine showcased at MAKS 2017 airshow

"In order to unify the engines supplied to the Aerospace Forces with Su-35S aircraft of Irkut Corporation the Sukhoi Company and ODK-UMPO are engaged in R&D to modernize Su-30SM with AL-41F-1S engine," it said.

The AL-41F-1S (also dubbed "article 117S") aircraft engine is a modular two-shaft turbofan engine with thrust vector control and integrated digital control. It offers a full afterburner military thrust of 14000 kgf.

Multirole and super maneuverable Su-30SM is equipped with a phased antenna array radar and frontal horizontal fins. It currently has AL-31FP engine which is a development of the basic AL-31F. It is distinguished by a steerable thruster and increased resource.

Su-35S is a multirole fighter jet of generation 4+++. It has AL-41F-1S engine which develops supersonic speed without augmentation.

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