Russian Helicopters to display commercial and military helicopters at Singapore Airshow 2014

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Russian Helicopters to display commercial and military helicopters at Singapore Airshow 2014.

Russian Helicopters will hold meetings and conferences with helicopter operators from across Asia. A specialist conference on the Ka-62 for the Asia Pacific Region, at which Russian Helicopters experts will talk about the new multirole civilian Ka-62 helicopter, a leading export product, will be held in conjunction with the Singapore Embassy in Russia. The event will take place on 12 February at 11:00 in conference hall number 4 at the exhibition centre.

The most advanced aircraft ever built by British engineers made its maiden flight at an undisclosed test range on Saturday 10 August 2013 under the command of BAE Systems test pilot Bob Fraser. MOD has today revealed that the demonstrator aircraft made a perfect take-off, rotation, ‘climb-out’ and landing on its 15-minute first flight. A number of flights took place last year, of up to 1 hour in duration and at a variety of altitudes and speeds.
Ka-52 (Photo credit : RH)

The new Ka-62 is the first Russian helicopter to be created as a result of close international cooperation. The project involves companies from Germany, France, Austria and other countries. It is anticipated that the Ka-62 will garner great interest from Russian Helicopters' established regional markets. Brazil's Atlas Táxi Aéreo and Colombia’s Vertical de Aviacion have both already submitted orders for the Ka-62.

The Ka-62 is primarily designed for passenger transport, search and rescue operations and work on oil and gas sector. Thanks to its spacious, comfortable cabin, the helicopter is excellently suited for corporate purposes. It boasts a high cruising speed and low vibration level.

The exhibition will also showcase the multirole Ka-32A11BC, which is used in over 30 countries for fire-fighting, search and rescue operations, and complex construction and installation work. Visitors will also have a chance to see the light helicopter Ansat, which can be used for training, by law enforcement agencies and for medical missions.

Russian Helicopters will also put Mi-8/17 (Mi-17V-5 and Mi-171Sh) military transport helicopters and the Mi-35M – developed with the latest technology based on the legendary Mi-24 multipurpose military helicopter – on display at the Singapore Airshow 2014. These helicopters are used all over the world and are renowned for their reliability, efficiency and high durability.

The military range on display at the airshow will include the Ka-52 Alligator reconnaissance and combat helicopter. The international community first had a chance to see this helicopter in summer 2013 at the Le Bourget airshow in France, where it successfully completed its flight demonstration programme. The Ka-52 Alligator is a next-generation attack helicopter designed to destroy tanks, armoured and non-armoured ground targets, and enemy troops and helicopters both on the front line and in tactical reserves, around the clock in any weather conditions. The Ka-52 can provide target acquisition and designation for helicopter teams and ground troop command and control centres. It can also provide fire support for troop landings, fly routine patrols and escort military convoys.

Russian Helicopters will also hold a dedicated conference for combat helicopter operators during the Singapore Airshow 2014, entitled Russian Mi-8/17, Mi-35M, and Ka-52 Alligator combat helicopters – new technological developments. Participants will have the chance to hear a detailed description of these helicopters, and the opportunity to talk with experts. The event will take place on 13 February in conference hall number 4 at the exhibition centre and starts at 10:00.