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Lockheed reaches initial agreement on multi-year contract with USAF for 83 C-130J Super Hercules
The US-based defense giant Lockheed Martin has announced a 'verbal agreement' with the US Air Force to build a new fleet of C-130J Super Hercules aircraft. According to the 5-year contract, Lockheed will deliver a total of 83 C-130 transport planes to the Air Force, Coast Guard and Marine Corps through 2020, Reuters said.
Lockheed reaches initial agreement on multi year contract with USAF for 83 C 130J Super Hercules 640 001US Air Force C-130J Super Hercules military airlifters
Lockheed Martin has reached a verbal agreement on a multi-year contract to produce C-130J the USAF and other armed services, according to a Reuters’ report. When it will finally be signed, the company will produce up to 83 Super Hercules transport aircraft for more than USD5.9 billion.

Production will be for the next five years, considering that the company expects the contract to be signed by the year’s end. The recipients of the new transport aircraft will be the US Air Force, the US Marine Corps and the US Coast Guard.

The initial, verbal agreement, has been the culmination of two years of negotiations between Lockheed Martin and the US Government. Although no further details have been released on the actual cost of the agreement, a multi-year contract is considered to offer great savings compared to the acquisition on a yearly basis.

Up to now, more than 330 C-130J transport aircraft have been delivered to 16 customers all over the world. The Super Hercules built on the legacy created by the older versions of the C-130 family. The turboprop-engine aircraft can even operate from airfields and dirt strips, and in high mountain ranges. It is a multi-mission platform performing a big range of operations, such as special operations, air refuelling, close air support, humanitarian and disaster relief, SAR or even maritime ones.