Kursk Air Regiment reinforced with new Su-30SM wing

Four Su-30SM fighter jets reinforced the air regiment in Kursk region, Western Military District spokesman Igor Muginov said. "A Su-30SM wing joined the air regiment of the district deployed in Kursk region. Pilots received four multirole generation-4++ aircraft at Irkut plant and flew them in one day from an airfield in Irkutsk region," he said.

Kursk Air Regiment reinforced with new u 30SM wing 001 A Su-30SM fighter jet recently inducted in the Kursk Air Regiment
(Credit: Russian Ministry of Defense)

The rearmament of the Kursk regiment is nearing completion. The air fleet will be fully renewed by the end of the year. The regiment has to receive another pair of Su-30SM.

"MiG-29SMT jets which have been replaced by new-generation aircraft continue to be on duty to protect the state border together with new aircraft in 2018," Muginov said.

Multirole Su-30SM (serial, modernized) (Flanker-H by NATO classification) is designed to win air supremacy, block adversary airfields at major distances, strike at grounds and water surface targets day and night and in bad weather. The aircraft can escort and protect military aviation groups, provide targeting for its group and suppress adversary electronic warfare. Su-30SM can operate as an attack or air defense jet depending on the armaments. It is equipped with a phased antenna array radar, frontal horizontal fins and steerable thrusters which make it super maneuverable. Maximum takeoff weight is 34500 kg. The glider is 21.9-meter long and 6.36-meter high. Maximum speed is 2125 km/h. Optimal combat engagement radius is 1500 km.

The set of weapons includes a wide range of armaments, including guided air-to-air and air-to-surface missiles, guided and unguided air bombs, an inbuilt 30 mm GSh-30-1 gun. Maximum weapons weight is 8000 kg. Air refueling capability, long-range navigation radio systems and upgraded life support provide for operations at a major distance from the airfield. Su-30SM has been built since 2012 and participated in the Syrian operation. The aircraft was accepted into service in 2018.

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