Indian Mi-17 helicopters to get new EW suites

The Indian Air Force (IAF) is planning to fit 90 legacy Mi-17-family helicopters with new electronic warfare (EW) suites, according to the Tribune newspaper.

Indian Mi 17 helicopters to get new EW suites 001 IAF Mi-17 multirole chopper
(Credit: Russian Helicopters)

"The IAF is upgrading its ageing Mi-17 helicopters, equipping them with EW suites in order to increase their capabilities to operate in effective manner in hostile environments," the newspaper says.

The Chandigarh-based 3rd Aircraft Repair Depot will equip 90 IAF Mi-17-family helicopters, including 56 Mi-17s and 34 Mi-17-1Vs, with new EW systems in collaboration with the state-run Bharat Electronic Limited (BEL) corporation. "In March, the IAF contacted BEL to discuss the issue," the Tribune says.

The new EW suite will comprise a radar warning receiver, a missile approach warning system, and a countermeasures dispensing system. The upgrade is planned to be conducted in 48 months. "The IAF servicemen will be trained to operate the new [EW] systems," the newspaper says.

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