Russia starts implementing Su-35 deal with Indonesia

Russia has started to implement a contract for the delivery of Su-35 fighter jets to Indonesia, Russian presidential aide for military and technical cooperation Vladimir Kozhin told Rossiya-24 TV Channel.

Russia starts implementing Su 35 deal with Indonesia 001 (Picture source )

Other countries are subjected to pressure when they are preparing to sign contracts with Russia on the delivery of armaments, the Kremlin aide said.

"We are grateful to the military and political leadership of Indonesia for their firm position, which they have not been afraid of declaring publicly, including to American partners," Kozhin said, adding that pressure on Indonesia "was huge."

"This contract was prepared for two years, it is a complex contract, modern Su-35 fighters, and everything was prepared," Kozhin said.
Such a lengthy term was due to the perfection of the legislation in Indonesia, he noted.

"We perceive this very calmly as each side has the right to make such decisions," the Kremlin aide said.

According to Kozhin, "when everything was ready, American partners entered the scene and exerted unprecedented pressure on the Indonesian side to prevent this contract from taking place. Nevertheless, the contract has been signed and we are starting to implement it," he said.

Asked whether Russia is granting discounts to win contracts, Kozhin replied: "There is no talk about discounts, this is business and we can’t trade at a loss."

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