Rostvertol launched production of Mi-28UB second batch

Russian Helicopters launched the production of a second batch of Mi-28UB training helicopters for the Defense Ministry. The rotorcraft are assembled by Rostvertol and will be supplied by the end of the year, the holding said.

Rostvertol launched production of Mi 28UB second batch 001 A Russian Helicopters Mi-28UB combat helicopter
(Credit: Russian Helicopters/Eric Romanenko)

The first batch of Mi-28UB was delivered to the Russian Defense Ministry in late 2017. Rostvertol is also producing the first batch of upgraded Mi-28NM.

"This year Rostvertol faces a number of important defense procurement tasks. It is working with new projects - the second batch of Mi-28UB and the first batch of serial Mi-28NM which will be delivered to the Defense Ministry by the end of the year. The enterprise will continue supplies of Mi-28N, Mi-35M, and Mi-26 to the Russian military and will fulfil a number of export contracts," Russian Helicopters CEO Andrey Boginsky said.

Mi-28UB is a combat training modification of Mi-28N helicopter gunships. Its design began in 2010. Mi-28UB is distinguished by dual control system which allows operating the craft from the commander’s and second pilot’s cockpit. It provides for training of military pilots who need flight time on Mi-28N. Besides, the second pilot can fly the helicopter in case of an emergency in combat conditions.

The helicopter has a breakdown imitation panel to model malfunctions and improve the skills in a crisis situation. Mi-28UB has upgraded integrated onboard electronic equipment. It provides for efficient search, detection, identification and destruction of air and ground targets. The necessary ergonomics of the crew seats are ensured by a change in the helicopter fuselage. Mi-28UB has an expanded cockpit, bigger space of armored windscreen and better view from the second pilot’s seat. The latest onboard defense complex ensures higher survivability of Mi-28UB.

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