IAF Helicopter Division about to integrate new Mobileye protection system

The Israel Air Force's (IAF) Flight Test Squadron is currently performing a series of tests regarding helicopter safety, at the end of which the capability to detect proximity and prevent possible collisions will be integrated into the IAF Helicopter Division, the service press office unveils today.

IAF Helicopter Division about to integrate new Mobileye protection system 001 (Credit: IAF/Celia Garion)

These days, a series of tests is being performed by the Flight Test Squadron regarding the capability to provide early notification on possible helicopter collisions. The capability is based on an application installed in a system utilized by every IAF aircraft, and will be integrated in the IAF Helicopter Division as part of a system update.

The danger of collision exists whenever a helicopter is airborne, which makes the need for the "Mobileye" system ever-present. "Each of the system's notifications has a timecode, signifying when it was sent. According to this information, we can measure the range between helicopters", explained Maj. A', the squadron's test leader. "The helicopters are notified with a beep which increases in volume, reminiscent of the 'Mobileye' system in vehicles. This beep is heard loudly throughout the helicopter, and acts as an alarm a number of seconds before impact".

The first stage of the test was a ground test, as part of which one helicopter was airborne while another remained on the ground. Its goal was to examine the system's reaction to the helicopters and its efficiency. "The first stage showed us that the system had great potential. The second stage requires two helicopters in the air. If it is deemed successful, the system will undergo an evaluation in the 124th Squadron, which operates the 'Yanshuf' (Black Hawk) helicopter. After that, the system will become operational".

(Source: IAF/Carmel Stern