T-50 fighter jet successfully tested in Syria says Shoigu

Two fifth-generation T-50 fighter jets have successfully completed a two-day test program in Syria, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on March 2, 2018.

IMG 6687 Two T-50 fighter jets simulating dogfight during MAKS 2017

"Indeed, they were there for a while, for two days. During the time they completed a program of trials, including combat ones," Shoigu said. "I can say that the trials were successful and the aircraft returned home a week ago."

"There were two aircraft escorted by flying laboratories and test beds monitoring the parameters of operations," he added.

Commenting on the satellite images in the Internet allegedly featuring Tu-50 fighter jets in Syria, Shoigu said: "As for various satellite photos, I can say that today is not the year of 1995 and such aircraft are never kept side by side."

"I am unaware where the released images were taken as the jets were kept in hangars throughout the mission," the minister said.

"I hope we shall complete the full cycle of trials this year which will be another surprise for our counterparts," Shoigu said.

T-50 performed its maiden flight in 2010. At present ten aircraft are participating in the trials.