ACCaP program: UK reaffirms benefits of Eurofighter offer to Belgium

During a visit to Sabena Aerospace, Guto Bebb MP, the UK's Minister for Defence Procurement, reaffirmed the economic and industrial benefits of Eurofighter Typhoon offer to Belgium. Following a tour of Sabena’s assembly facilities at Zaventem, Mr Bebb said the Eurofighter Typhoon is the true European successor to Belgium’s F-16 fleet, with the full political, military and industrial support of European partner governments in Germany, Italy and Spain.

ACCaP program UK reaffirms benefits of Eurofighter offer to Belgium The Typhoon multirole fighter jet is officially one of the two contenders for the Belgian Air Force F-16s replacement program
(Credit: BAE Systems)

The Eurofighter Typhoon offer to Belgium is based on a comprehensive strategic partnership centred on Europe's largest collaborative military aircraft programme.

A core element of the proposal is the offer of Belgian political and industrial participation in the future development of Eurofighter, building collaborative relationships which will position Belgium for involvement in a future European Combat Aircraft programme. Eurofighter is the aircraft which will provide the bridge to develop technologies and capabilities for this future ambitious programme. Mr Bebb said: "As the true European solution for Belgium, the Eurofighter Typhoon offer includes an unprecedented partnership between Belgian industry and Europe's leading aerospace and defence companies. 

Through investment in world-leading advanced material and manufacturing technologies, Belgian companies such as Sabena Aerospace will be well positioned to participate in future combat aircraft programmes in Europe." 

Stephane Burton, CEO of Sabena Aerospace and Co-Founder of Ignition!: “Both Sabena Aerospace and Ignition! are looking forward to a potential collaboration with Eurofighter, a stakeholder in the further development of our aircraft sustainment and aviation training activities in the European Defence sector.” 

Eurofighter is one of two candidates being evaluated as part of the official F-16 replacement process. As the largest defence collaboration programme in Europe, selecting Eurofighter would support a robust European aerospace and defence industrial base and presence in Belgium, meeting the country’s stated Essential Security Interests, and would ensure a strong position for future collaboration with the three main aerospace and defence technology companies in Europe. 

The proposal would bring independently-analysed economic benefit, sustainable growth and additional jobs across the country. A true European proposal, there are almost 500 Eurofighters protecting Europe. The programme has created, and sustains, 100,000 jobs across 400 European companies and 100% of the aircraft is designed and manufactured by companies in Europe.