KRET presents export-oriented N025E mast-mounted radar

Russia`s Radio-Electronic Technologies Concern (KRET, a subsidiary of Rostec) unveiled the N025E (E for export-oriented) mast-mounted radar for the Mil Mi-28N/NE (NATO reporting name: Havoc-B) combat helicopters during the HeliRussia 2018 show in Moscow.

KRET N025E radar KRET's N025E mast-mounted radar

The N025E round-the-clock all-weather radar detects both moving and stationary targets and determines their coordinates. The device is capable of simultaneous tracking of up to four targets and detecting of various obstacles during a flight.

The radar comprises a swivel parabolic mast-mounted antenna and a processing unit, with the former housed in a dome above the main rotor and the latter integrated into the helicopter`s fuselage. The mast-mounted antenna covers ground and air areas, detects targets (including moving ones), and facilitates flights at low altitudes.The N025E works in the Ka band. The radar can detect a target and a dangerous meteorological formation at ranges up to 20 km and 100 km respectively. The system has a traverse angle of 180° and a field of view of -25° to +15°.

The radar searches for ground targets in a 90° sector with a deflection angle of 35°. The N025E detects aerial targets in a 180° sector with a deflection angle of 4° to 12°.The trials of the domestic variant of the radar, N025, are reported to have been finished in early 2016.

All the brand new Mi-28N helicopters of Russia`s Aerospace Forces are to receive the station. The previously produced Havocs can be fitted with the radar during overhaul and upgrade.Rostec`s Russian Helicopters holding will unveil the latest variant of the Mi-28N, Mi-28NM, fitted with the N025 radar at the Army 2018 defence show to be held near Moscow in August. The rotorcraft is believed to get an updated variant of the system.

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