Russia Karelia Air Regiment reinforced with new Su-35S fighter jets

The air regiment of the Russian Western Military District deployed in Karelia has been reinforced with three multirole Su-35S fighter jets, district spokesman Igor Muginov said.

Russia Karelia Air Regiment reinforced with new Su 35S fighter jets 001 A Russian Air Force Su-35S fighter jet
(Credit: Sukhoi)

"A batch of three multirole Su-35S arrived in the air regiment of the air force and defense army of the Western Military District deployed in Karelia in the framework of the state defense order," Muginov said.

"The pilots continue retraining to operate a new aircraft and are making training flights with practical engagement of various weapons. Dynamic simulators in the formation help upgrade the skills," he said.

Su-35S (Flanker-E+ by NATO classification) is a deeply modernized super maneuverable multirole fighter jet of generation 4++ created with fifth-generation technologies. It is distinguished by new digital avionics, new long-range phased antenna array radar with increased number of simultaneously tracked and attacked targets, and more powerful plasma-ignition steerable thrusters which develop supersonic speed without booster regime. Su-35S is a deep modernization of Su-27.

It has a reinforced glider without frontal horizontal fins and a brake flap. Braking at landing is done by pushing fins in various directions. The Military Balance said Russia has 70 Su-35S.

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