Russian Helicopters Mi-171A2 starts low-temperature test program

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Russian Helicopters Mi-171A2 starts low-temperature test program
Russian Helicopters wants to confirm the possibility to operate the latest multirole Mi-171A2 helicopters in harsh climatic conditions with air temperatures down to minus 50 degrees Centigrade. Two rotorcraft and a team of the Mil Helicopter Plant in Moscow have already arrived in Yakutia. The helicopters will be tested for a month, the holding said.
Russian Helicopters Mi 171A2 starts low temperature test program 640 001Russian Helicopters new Mi-171A2 chopper performing its maiden flight
(Credit: Russian Helicopters)
The test program envisages close to 20 flights with air temperature of minus 45-50 degrees Centigrade and icing conditions. The anti-icing system of the helicopter will be checked, as well as the heating and other auxiliary systems ensuring uninterrupted operation in extremely cold conditions.

"Mi-171A2 is the latest helicopter of the Mi-8 type which is in demand by foreign and Russian customers. By confirming a guaranteed operability at low temperatures we hope to expand the range of potential customers which operate the helicopters of the type and consider a possibility to renew the fleet," the Mil Helicopter Plant Executive Director Sergey Romanenko said.

In late 2017 contracts for two Mi-171A2 were signed with Indian and Kazakh companies. Another two helicopters are to be handed over in the spring of 2018 to UTair - Helicopter Services (a unit of UTair airlines) for test operations.

Mi-171A2 design has 80 upgrades against the basic model. The helicopter has VK-2500PS-03 engine (civilian option of engines mounted on combat Mi-28) with digital controls. Mi-171A2 is distinguished by a new carrying system against Mi-8/Mi-17 family. The helicopter has an upgraded X-shaped anti-torque rotor and the main rotor with all-composite blades of upgraded aerodynamic shape. Thus, the aerodynamic advantages increase the main rotor thrust of Mi-171A2 over 700 kg which improves all flight and technical characteristics.

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