Slovakia officially signs for 14 F-16V fighter jets

Slovakia will buy 14 new F-16 Block 70/72 (V) fighter jets. Slovak Defence Minister Peter Gajdos signed the contract on Wednesday with Lockheed Martin vice president Ana Wugofski.

Slovakia officially signs for 14 F 16V fighter jets 001 Artist's rendering of the F-16V fighter jet
(Credit: Lockheed Martin)

Slovakia will receive 12 single seate and 2 two seat F-16Vs starting 2022. With all the aircraft due to be delivered by 2023, the 1.6-billion euro (1.8 billion U.S. dollars) contract also includes weaponry, logistics support and training for aviation and ground personnel.

"This is a historic moment for Slovakia, and my gratitude belongs to the government of the Slovak Republic (...)," said the country's Defense Minister Peter Gajdoš.

"Slovakia has thus confirmed its commitment to increase its military spending to 2 percent of GDP," stressed Slovak Prime Minister Peter Pellegrini.

Gajdos pointed out that the purchase of new fighter jets will make Slovakia fully compatible with other EU and NATO members.

The contract includes training for 22 pilots and 160 technicians as well as a two-year logistics support in Slovak Republic starting 2022. 

The Lockheed Martin F-16V is the latest and most advanced F-16 on the market today. The F-16V configuration includes numerous enhancements designed to keep the F-16 at the forefront of international security, such as the Northrop Grumman’s advanced APG-83 AESA radar and a new Center Pedestal Display (CPD).