Russian MoD delays purchase of additional Mi-8AMTSh-VA helicopters

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Russian MoD delays purchase of additional Mi-8AMTSh-VA helicopters
The Russian Ministry of Defense does not yet have money to buy Mi-8AMTSh-VA helicopters from Russian Helicopters, Rostec CEO Sergei Chemezov said at the Federation Council on September 28, 2017. The Mi-8AMTSh-VA helicopter is an Arctic variant of the well-known Mi-8 Hip utility helicopter.
Mi 8 AMTSh VA purchase delyaed 640 001A Mi-8AMTSh-VA "Arctic" helicopter showcased during the MAKS 2017 airshow
"The Ministry of Defense still lacks funds to acquire a certain number of Mi-8AMTSH-VA helicopters, but we are negotiating to keep the production line running. It is not necessarily to buy large batches and it would be good if they purchase some quantity every year," he said.

The key improvements to the Mi-8AMTSh-VA helicopter in comparison with the baseline version are as follows: improved thermal insulation, newest flight and navigation and radio communication equipment (including an inertial navigation system operating in the absence of satellite signals), a unique patented engine and transmission heating system, which makes it possible to start the helicopter engines operatively at the temperatures of -40 ° C and lower, as well as the availability of a port-side widened sliding door and a SLG-300 winch in the port-side door opening.

The Mi-8AMTSH-VA is adapted for long-range flights. To this end, up to four external fuel tanks can be installed on the helicopter. During a test flight with external fuel tanks, the helicopter was able to fly over 1400 km without refueling.

A contract for the supply of helicopters for the Arctic grouping was signed with the Russian Defense Ministry in February 2016. At present, other Russian power structures are also showing interest in the vehicle.
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