Saab pitching new Gripen Agressor for the US ADAIR program

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Saab pitching new Gripen Agressor for the US ADAIR program
Defense and security company Saab is exploring the potential for the recently announced Gripen Aggressor, to meet the needs of the United States Air Force (USAF) for Adversary Air (ADAIR) combat training. The new Gripen Aggressor with its unique mix of high performance, and advanced sensor and datalink capabilities, combined with a low life cycle cost, provide a perfect solution for this unique requirement.
DSEi 2017 Saab Agressor concept makes world s premiere 640 001Saab's Gripen Agressor concept at DSEi 2017
There is a growing segment within the adversary air combat training market for highly advanced aggressor capabilities to be able to perform more realistic combat training. Gripen Aggressor, recently unveiled at the DSEI exhibition in London, UK, provides an exceptionally capable, dissimilar opponent aircraft system. It is able to perform the advanced combat maneuvering and networking tactics needed to represent a realistic peer or near-peer adversary threat for current and future pilots.

The USAF solicitation for ADAIR indicates the need for a high performance, highly capable dissimilar aircraft platform to meet the Level C requirements as outlined in the solicitation document. Fighter pilots need to train advanced combat tactics against peer and near-peer opponents, which is exactly what Gripen Aggressor can provide.

Based on the proven Gripen C-series, the Gripen Aggressor has all the renowned handling and flight characteristics associated with the Gripen Fighter System, including its advanced sensor and datalink capabilities, but is specifically tailored to the adversary role. It will not carry live armament.

Unlike the legacy platforms or current fighter platforms in use by the USAF, Gripen Aggressor, brings a distinctly different appearance and set of capabilities to the training scenario that will further enhance the proficiency of USAF pilots.

Gripen Aggressor, with significant US content, shares many components and systems, including the engine, in common with existing US platforms. There is therefore a high level of logistic synergies that can act to reduce cost and maximize efficiency.

Saab is currently exploring the market potential and business case for this unique capability and is in discussion with several potential partners to provide a solution.