KRET's new Rychag-AVM airborne jamming system starts state trials

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KRET's new Rychag-AVM airborne jamming system starts state trials
The state trials of the newest electronic warfare (EW) helicopter with the Rychag-AVM jamming station developed by the Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (Russian acronym: KRET, Kontsern Radio-Elektronnie Tekhnologii; a subsidiary of the Rostec state corporation) have commenced, according to the Assistant to the First Deputy Director of the company, Vladimir Mikheev.
KRET Rychag AVM airborne jamming  system starts state trials 640 001An artistic rendering of Rychag-AVM EW airborne system
(Credit: KRET)
"The system has begun the state trials this year. I suppose that [the helicopter - TASS] will have accomplished the main stages of the trials program by the year-end. The helicopter is being tested by the military, and [the Ministry of Defense (MoD) - TASS] is to set the schedule and terms of the state trials. We have accomplished the technical requirements of the MoD, having delivered the helicopter to be tested," Mikheev told TASS.

He supposed that the trials would be completed within several months. "The methods of the tests will be really sophisticated, as the helicopter is a state-of-the-art [piece of military hardware - TASS]," Mikheev added.

According to the KRET representative, the combat effectiveness of the newest EW helicopter will be several times better than the one of the previous model [Rychag-AV - TASS]. 'Not only command-and-control (C2) systems, but also pieces of signals equipment, radars, navigation systems, data transmitters, and geospatial devices are included in the frequency band of the new EW helicopter," Mikheev pointed out.

The company official added that the Rychag-AVM`s number of electronic targets to be suppressed in the simultaneous mode had been drastically increased. KRET also enhanced the system`s maximum effective range in reconnaissance and suppression modes, as well as the effectiveness of suppression, Mikheev emphasized. The Rychag-AVM EW system is integrated with the Mil Mi-8AMTSh (NATO reporting name: Hip-H) medium military transport helicopter developed by the Russian Helicopters holding, he pointed out.

According to the open sources, Russia`s Armed Forces are receiving Mil Mi-8MTPR-1 EW rotor-wing aircraft equipped with the Rychag-AV electronic warfare systems.
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