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KB SAT to start production of SR-10 jet trainer aircraft in late 2017

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KB SAT to start production of SR-10 jet trainer aircraft in late 2017
The first combat-training SR-10 aircraft for the Russian Aerospace Forces will be produced late next year. By 2020 it is planned to begin test trials of the first batch of some 20 aircraft, representative of Modern Aviation Technologies (SAT) design bureau which deals with SR-10 told TASS.
KB SAT to start production of SR 10 jet trainer aircraft in late 2017 640 001KB SAT SR-10 jet trainer aircraft
(Credit: KB SAT)
"The production of the first craft is scheduled for late 2017. According to Russian defense ministry plans, a test batch of some 20 aircraft has to be produced in 2018-2019 for government acceptance tests. Serial production will follow," he said.

At present the only existing demonstrator of the new craft is undergoing test trials. Test flights are ongoing at Kubinka airfield near Moscow. The first flight took place in December 2015.

Serial production is to be launched at Smolensk Aircraft Works which specializes in light aircraft, including Yak-18T and SM-92, the representative said.

SR-10 created for the Russian Aerospace Forces will be equipped with engines from defense ministry stockpiles, the SAT representative said.

"The SR-10 which undergoes trials has the AI-25TL engines which are also mounted on L-39 training aircraft. The defense ministry decided to use the engines for the test batch of the aircraft. It is important there are enough engines to supply the fleet of SR-10 in the coming years," he said.

SR-10 designers stress that AI-25TL engine has proved its reliability during many years of operation. It has sufficiently high characteristics and is well known to operating organizations.

"However jointly with Saturn Company the use of a new Al-55I engine on SR-10 has been considered for two years. It is fully produced in Russia and has a modern digital control system, lower weight and the same thrust and a possibility to use new motor aircraft designs," the representative said.
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