Belarus receives four more Yak-130 advanced jet trainers

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Belarus receives four more Yak-130 advanced jet trainers
Four brand-new Yakovlev Yak-130 combat training aircraft have been received by the Belarusian Air Force’s 116th Guards Attack Aircraft Air Base in Lida (Grodno Region, Belarus). "The delivery of another four Yak-130 combat training planes have enabled our pilots and cadets to continue to hone their skills in flying Generation 4++ aircraft," the BelTA news agency quoted Belarusian Air Force Commander Oleg Dvigalyov as saying.
Belarus took delivery of a first batch of Yak-130 combat training aircraft in 2015
(Credit: BelTA)

According to the general, the availability of the combat trainers to the Belarusian Air Force allows both flying crew training and joint training on a larger scale. In particular, Dvigalyov said that the 2016-17 academic year curriculum provided for using the Yak-130s as part of joint exercises with operational commands, special operations forces, etc.

Dvigalyov reminded that Russian airframer Irkut had delivered the first four Yak-130s in 2015.

"We have fully learnt the ropes on the type and even shared some of the finer points of its operation with our Russian colleagues. We have learnt to employ all air-launched weapons [using the aircraft], including the KAB-500 smart bomb," the Belarusian Air Force commander said.
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