Surion helicopter cracks lead to an investigation

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Surion helicopter cracks lead to an investigation
The South Korean procurement agency (DAPA) announced on Monday the opening of an investigation after cracks were found on the KAI Surion helicopters. Some of the locally developed platforms were found to have cracks on their windshields and other parts, according to the announcement.
Surion helicopter cracks lead to an investigationThe first KAI Surion in MEDEVAC configuration during its maiden flight
(Credit: KAI)
More specifically, Defence Acquisition Programme Administration (DAPA) said that four of the Surion helicopters had cracks in the vibration absorption devices at the left side of the airframe and some had cracks at the windshields.

Kim Si-chelo, DAPA’s spokesman, said that the agency is discussing the issue with Korea Aerospace Industries and other parts involved, in order to find an acceptable solution. Since the cracks do not pose until now any danger for the helicopters, the Armed Forces will continue to fly them.

South Korea has acquired close to 40 Surions. So far the helicopters are being used for mostly transportation by security and civil protection agencies, such as the police, the forest preservation authority and the national health system. The Korean military will receive its first batch of Surion in MEDEVAC configuration in 2018, as the version has carried out its first flight in 22 January 2016.