Russian Helicopters delivers new batch of Mi-8MTV-5-1 choppers to Russian military

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Russian Helicopters delivers new batch of Mi-8MTV-5-1 choppers to Russian military
Russian Helicopters Group, part of Russia’s state hi-tech corporation Rostec, has delivered a batch of Mil Mi-8MTV-5-1 military transport rotorcraft and an Ansat-U helicopter to Russia’s Defense Ministry, the Group’s press office said on Thursday.
Russian Helicopters delivers new batch of Mi 8MTV 5 1 choppers to Russian military 640 001Some of the Mi-8MTV-5-1 helicopters delivered to Russian armed forces in 2014
(Credit: Russian Helicopters)
Under the 2016 state defense contract, Russian Helicopters Group had manufactured a batch of 14 Mi-8MTV-5-1 military transport rotorcraft and one Ansat-U training helicopter ahead of schedule by the single military products acceptance day, which was held on March 11, 2016 as part of a videoconference with the National Defense Control Center.

The helicopters successfully passed all the trials specified in the state contract and the technical specifications and were accepted by the acceptance commission.

The helicopters will be fully delivered to relevant organizations by May 7.

"Russian Helicopters Group views the production of military hardware under state defense contracts and its timely delivery to the customer as a top priority," Group CEO Alexander Mikheyev said.

"The Kazan Helicopter-Making Enterprise is currently upgrading manufacturing facilities to continue fulfilling state contracts on time and produce rotorcraft that rank among the best in the world," the CEO added.

Russian Helicopters Group has traditionally implemented state defense contracts in full and in a proper manner during the whole period of cooperation with the Russian Defense Ministry.

In particular, Russian Helicopters Group delivered a batch of Mi-8MTV-5-1 rotorcraft and six Ansat-U training helicopters to Russia’s Armed Forces in 2015.

The work at Russian Helicopters Group enterprises was organized in accordance with production schedules worked out jointly.

The Mi-8MTV-5-1 is a military transport helicopter of the Mi-8/17 (NATO reporting name: Hip) family and is delivered to various Russian military governance bodies. The Mi-8MTV-5-1 helicopter is designed to transport servicemen and cargo. It can carry up to 4,000 kilograms in the cabin or with an external sling. The helicopter can be also used to accomplish combat missions with the use of various weapon systems, conduct search and rescue operations, provide medical assistance and fulfill various special tasks.

The helicopter’s cabin is furnished with lighting equipment, which allows using night-vision goggles to perform flights at night at low and extremely low altitudes and take off and land on unmarked areas. The Mi-8MTV-5-1 helicopter is also equipped with modern communications and navigation systems.
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