Russian armed forces took delivery of 16 new military helicopters

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Russian armed forces took delivery of 16 new military helicopters
Russian Helicopters holding (a subsidiary of the Rostec state corporation) has supplied 16 helicopters to Russian Ministry of Defense (MoD) during the defense production acceptance single day (March 11), according to the holding's press department.
Russian armed forces took delivery of 16 new military helicopters 640 001Russian Helicopters' Mi-8AMTSh-VA multirole helicopter
(Credit: Russian Helicopters)
"Kazan Helicopter Plant (Russian acronym: KVZ, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters) has produced 14 Mi-8MTV-5-1 (NATO reporting name: Hip) medium military-transport helicopters and one Ansat-U training helicopter. In accordance with the schedule, the aforementioned rotor-wing aircraft were to be supplied to the MoD in November 2016. Having manufactured the helicopters in the shortest time possible, the Russian Helicopters holding has delivered the aircraft to the customer ahead-of-schedule," a holding's official spokesperson said.

In addition, Ulan-Ude Helicopter Plant (Russian acronym: UUAZ, a subsidiary of Russian Helicopters) "has supplied one Mi-8AMTSh-VA military-transport helicopter, intended for exploitation in the Arctic region," the official added.

As the director general of UUAZ, Leonid Belih said, the MoD has ordered three more Mi-8AMTSh-VA helicopters. "This rotor-wing aircraft has no available foreign analogues, which are suitable for harsh weather conditions of the Arctic region," Belih emphasized.

In total, Russian MoD's may require the deliveries of about 100 Mi-8AMTSh-VA rotor-wing aircraft, Deputy Defense Minister, Yury Borisov said.

Mi-8AMTSh-VA is based on Mi-8AMTSh-V medium military-transport helicopter, which has a maximum flight weight of 13 t (including a maximum payload of 4 t), a flight range of 610 km and a cruise speed of 250 km/h. Mi-8AMTSh-V helicopter can fire high-precision weapons, namely, 9M120 Ataka (AT-9 Spiral-2) anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM).

Mi-8AMTSh-VA is adapted to Arctic weather conditions, namely, to low temperatures and unclear view.
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