Israel's first F-35 Adir fighter jet successfully completes maiden flight

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Israel's first F-35 Adir fighter jet successfully completes maiden flight
One month after Israel received the new stealth F-35 “Adir” (Hebrew for “Great One”) in Dallas, Texas, the aircraft completed its maiden flight on Tuesday july 27th in the southern US, the Israel-based newspaper Jewishbusinessnews.
Israel first F 35 Adir fighter jet successfully completes maiden flight 640 001Israel's first F-35 Adir took flight
(Credit: Lockheed Martin)
In the coming months, the aircraft will take more stages in the transfer process to Israel from the American government. It will undergo more trial flights and additional training for pilots in the Israel Air Force using new simulation technology.

On June 22, 2016, the Israeli Air Force welcomed the first F-35A Adir for Israel at a ceremony at the Lockheed-Martin factory in Fort Worth, Texas.

In total, Israel is set to receive 33 F-35 Adir combat fightersa to form two squadrons. Delivery is taking place over 2016 and 2017. Six will be received annually until 2021.

Israel produced the F-35 Adir’s wings, the unique helmet required by its pilots as well as the supply of special material for the plane’s fuselage, and the doors of ammunition compartments.

In July 2011, the United States has agreed to allow Israeli F-35s to be rewired so that Israeli electronic warfare systems can be installed on the aircraft. That would allow Israel to gradually add indigenous EW sensors and countermeasures on its fighters once it receives its first squadron.

(Source: Jewishbusinessnews)