Tupolev delivers another upgraded Tu-160 strategic bomber to Russian Aerospace Forces

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Tupolev delivers another upgraded Tu-160 strategic bomber to Russian Aerospace Forces
Another upgraded Tupolev Tu-160 (NATO reporting name: Blackjack) strategic bomber has been delivered to the Russian Aerospace Force, the press office of Tupolev (a United Aircraft Corporation subsidiary) told journalists on Thursday in a news release.
Tupolev delivers another upgraded Tu 160 strategic bomber to Russian Aerospace Forces 640 001RuAF Tu-160 "Vassily Senko" strategic bomber
(Credit: UAC)
"The Kazan Aircraft Plant, an affiliate of the Tupolev joint stock company, has delivered to the Russian Aerospace Force another Tu-160 bomber named Vassily Senko following its overhaul coupled with upgrade. The plane’s navigation suite ensuring the accurate delivery of the Tu-160’s payload was upgraded," the press release says.

Aerospace Force Commander-in-Chief Col. Gen. Viktor Bondarev said the Tu-160 featured considerable upgradeability and could handle a wide spectrum of missions under various weather and climatic conditions.

As was reported in the press, the Russian Aerospace Force will have received two upgraded Tu-160s and seven Tu-95MS (Bear-H) strategic bombers in 2016.

The Tu-160 is designed to attack high-value targets with long-range cruise missiles. The bomber is a swing-wing integrated low-wing monoplane. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 275 tons, a length of 54.1 m, a cruising speed of 850 km/h, a maximum takeoff speed of 1,800 km/h and a service ceiling of 15,000 m. The aircraft is powered by four NK-32 afterburning turbofans. The Russian Aerospace Force operates a fleet of 16 Tu-160s.
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