SAT's SR-10 trainer aircraft about to start factory tests stage

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SAT's SR-10 trainer aircraft about to start factory tests stage
The factory testing of the SR-10 light trainer from the Advanced Aircraft Technologies Design Bureau (Russian acronym - SAT) will begin in the near future, SAT Director Maxim Mironov told journalists on Tuesday, jan. 12, 2016.
SAT SR 10 light trainer aircraft about to start factory tests stage 640 001SAT SR-10 trainer aircraft performing its maiden flight on Dec. 2015
"The SR-10 will enter the factory test stage in the near future. The first prototype made two flights in December 2015, having been airborne 40 min. and 20 min. respectively. The schedule of the SR-10’s flight test program, including at least 20 test sorties, will hinge on weather conditions to a large degree," Mironov said.

Previously, he had said SAT could supply the Russian Aerospace Force with up to 100 SR-10 trainers. The design bureau believes the service needs an intermediate jet between the Yakovlev Yak-152 basic trainer and Yak-130 combat trainer.

The trials of the advanced plane are due to be completed in 2016. If the SR-10 is acquired by the Russian Armed Forces, the Ukrainian-made engine powering the type will be replaced with the Russian-made AL-55 power plant.

The SR-10 trainer jet is designed for basic training and aerobatics. It embodies elements of supermaneuverability, including the forward-swept wing. The plane has a crew of two. The SR-10 is equipped with ejection seats. The trainer can withstand considerable g-load and perform all aerobatics. Its maximum speed is 900 km/h, range 1,500 km and service ceiling 6,000 m.
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