Russia starts overhauling Indonesian Mi-35P attack helicopters

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Russia starts overhauling Indonesian Mi-35P attack helicopters
Russian Helicopters will repair the Mil Mi-35P (NATO reporting name: Hind) attack helicopters operated by the Indonesian Armed Forces and will supply the country with hardware for repairing other machines there, the corporation’s press office said in a news release.
Russia starts overhauling Indonesian Mi 5P attack helicopters 640 001One of the five Mi-35P combat helicopters currently in service with the Squadron 31 Heli Serbu of the Indonesian Army Aviation
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"Under the contract signed in September 2016 as part of the military-technical cooperation [between Russia and Indonesia], Russian Helicopters has stared preparations for bringing the Indonesian Mi-35P helicopters into the Russian Federation," the press release says.

The 150th Aircraft Repair Plant will overhaul the Mi-35Ps.

"On November 28, 2016, the personnel of an Indonesian company and the 150th Aircraft Repair Plant started dismantling, packing and loading the helicopters and their components," the corporation said.

It also reported that during the Army 2016 forum this fall, Russian Helicopters landed contracts for the hardware to equip the helicopters in service with the Indonesian Armed Forces.

"The contract awarded by Indonesia stipulates the delivery of Mi-35P main rotor blades. They will be shipped in the second quarter of 2017 in line with the terms of the contract," the press office of Russian Helicopters added.

The first several Mi-35P attack helicopters were exported to Indonesia in September 2003. The country ordered three more machines under a September 2007 intergovernmental agreement, with the aircraft delivered in September 2010. The Indonesian Armed Forces received them in a ceremony held at Pondok Cabe Army Aviation Base in Jakarta on October 20 that year.
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