Northrop to upgrade Dutch Air Force's AN/ALQ-131 electronic countermeasure pods

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Northrop to upgrade Dutch Air Force's AN/ALQ-131 electronic countermeasure pods
Northrop Grumman has been awarded a contract by the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNLAF) to upgrade the AN/ALQ-131 electronic countermeasure (ECM) pods for its F-16 aircraft fleet. The upgrade includes new threat detection and jamming capabilities to allow aircraft to operate safely in the modern threat environment.
Northrop to upgrade Dutch Air Force s AN ALQ 131 electronic countermeasure pods 640 001Northrop's AN/ALQ-131 ECM pod
(Credit: Northrop Grumman)
Air defense capabilities in hostile and unstable regions have grown rapidly in sophistication in recent years, presenting an increased threat to military aviation. Northrop Grumman’s Digital Receiver/Exciter adds fifth-generation aircraft electronic warfare technology to the AN/ALQ-131, providing the flexibility to remain ahead of emerging threats.

The digital technology in the AN/ALQ-131 upgrade provides a significant leap in capability for electronic countermeasures, giving RNLAF aviators a superior level of protection wherever their missions take them,” said Dr. Robert Fleming, vice president, programs, Northrop Grumman.

The RNLAF operates a total of 61 F-16AM/BM Fighting Falcon fighter jets. The Hague plans to buy at least 37 F-35A 5th-gen fighters to replace its current fleet of F-16.

The AN/ALQ-131 is certified on the F-16, F-111, A-10, F-4, F-15, F-5 and C-130 aircraft. It adopts a modular design containing various electronic receivers, antennas, and powerful transmitters designed to alter the flight path of an incoming enemy missile. The AN/ALQ-131 ECM pod protected aircrews and aircraft in every conflict since becoming operational in the 1980s.