Another modernized Tu-95MS strategic bomber joins the Russian Air Force

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Another modernized Tu-95MS strategic bomber joins the Russian Air Force
Another Tupolev Tu-95MS (NATO reporting name: Bear) turboprop strategic bomber has arrived for Russia’s Aerospace Force after its upgrade, the United Aircraft-Manufacturing Corporation’s press office said on Tuesday.
Another modernized Tu 95MS strategic bomber joins the Russian Air Force 640 001Another modernized Tu-95MS strategic bomber has been delivered to the Russian Air Force
(Credit: UAC)
"The aircraft has been upgraded in accordance with the state defense contract. The Tupolev Design Bureau keeps the aircraft operational with the Russian Aerospace Force’s Long-Range Aviation in their combat-ready condition and equips them with new more efficient and promising systems," the press office said.

Under this modernization program, Russia's Tu-95MS bombers will have a new weapon-aiming system, which enables using of advanced Kh-101 cruising missiles. The bomber will also be fitted with GLONASS navigation system. The upgraded bomber will be operated until 2020–2025 and then it will be replaced by PAK DA (Prospective Air Complex for Long Range Aviation).

According to the press office, the strategic bomber was delivered to the Russian Aerospace Force on April 4.

As the United Aircraft-Manufacturing Corporation said earlier, more than ten Tu-95MS strategic bombers have been undergoing upgrade in 2015-2016.

As of today, the Russian Aerospace Force operates several dozens of Tu-95MS planes armed with strategic cruise missiles of the Kh-55 family.
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