Russia reportedly tested variants of 9M120 Ataka anti-tank guided missiles in Syria

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Russia reportedly tested variants of 9M120 Ataka anti-tank guided missiles in Syria
Russia could have tested two types of 9M120 'Ataka' (NATO reporting name: AT-9 Spiral 2) guided missile, anti-tank and anti-personnel respectively, in Syria, according to Russian defense experts. Russian Mi-28N (Havoc-B) attack helicopter has made its combat debut in Syria, according to the footage provided by Russia`s Ministry of Defense (MoD).
Russia reportedly tested variants of 9M120 Ataka anti tank guided missiles in Syria 640 001Russian Mi-28N Havoc combat helicopters reportedly used 9M210 Ataka ATGMs for the first time in combat operations against the Islamic State in Syria
The footage shows the usage of at least one Mi-28N helicopter in fighting against the Islamic State terrorists near the Palmira city (Homs province). The rotor-wing aircraft could have used both types of 'Ataka' (AT-9 Spiral 2) guided missiles, namely, 9M120 with anti-tank shaped-charge warhead and anti-personnel 9M120F with combined high-explosive/aerosol-explosive warhead. Mi-28N eliminated hostile infantry fighting vehicle and destroyed a small building with terrorists inside. The helicopter`s gunner seemed to guide the missiles using radio command guidance system. The footage also shows image from the helicopter`s TV camera.

According to several reports, Mi-28N has fully revealed its anti-terroristic potential in fighting outside the Palmira city. The airframe and rotor-blades were not damaged by hostile anti-aircraft guns (primarily outdated, but widespread ZU-23-2), as the helicopter eliminated them, staying at the safe distance (3-4.5 km). A source in Russian defence industry mentioned the effectiveness Mi-28N`s radioelectronic protection, not saying the type and designation of the appropriate systems installed. "(In Syria), the helicopter`s jamming system has easily suppresed the ageing man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS), namely Soviet Strela-2 (SA-7 Grail) and Igla-1 (SA-16 Gimlet) and Chinese Hong Ying-5 (HN-5)," the source emphasized.

Hence, Mi-28N seems to be an effective counter-terroirstic weapon, which can use 9M120F anti-personnel guided missiles, 30mm 2A42 automatic cannon with high-explosive shells and S-8OFP unguided rockets with HE warhead. It has sufficient protection against ballistic and missile threats. In Syria Mi-28N has proven its ability to eliminate even small soft-skin targets, staying at the safe distances. The helicopter may be required by nations fighting against terrorist, which are willing to replace the obsolete platforms (foir instance, Mi-24Vs and early variants of AH-1 Cobra) by new attack platforms. Several such states, namely Algeria and Iraq have already ordered 42 and 19 Mi-28NEs, respectively.
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