Russian company Tactical Missiles Co. develops KAB-100 small-caliber smart bomb

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Russian company Tactical Missiles develops KAB-100 small-caliber smart bomb
The Russian defense contractor Region (a subsidiary of Tactical Missiles Corp. (KTRV)) is developing a smaller-caliber KAB-100 smart bomb, Region Director General Igor Krylov told TASS at the Russian defense Ministry Innovation Day 2016 show.
Russian company Tactical Missiles develops KAB 100 small caliber smart bomb 640 001Tactical Missiles Co. is working on a smaller variant of its KAB-250 smart bomb
(Credit: Vitaly Kuzmin)
"In line with the global tendency, we are transitioning from large-caliber weapons to smaller-caliber ones," Krylov said. "This year, we are to complete the official tests of the KAB-250 smart bomb and carry on with the development of the KAB-100."

Region’s director general explained that "there are very effective hardware now, which is quite enough to do the job previously done by large-caliber weapons."

Earlier, Krylov told TASS that Region had developed the KAB-250 in response to the US development of the Small Diameter Bomb (SDB) designed to equip the USAF F-22 Raptor and F-35 Lightning II fifth-generation fighters.

The KAB-250 is a 250 kg (550 pound) smart bomb. Not a kit to be added to a dumb bomb, the KAB-250 is a compact, 255mm (10 inch) diameter, 3.2 meter (9.9 foot) long TV guided bomb. It is compact enough for internal bomb bays increasingly found in fighter-bombers (to increase stealthiness) or for allowing more bombs to be carried suspended under the wings. The KAB-250 is following the lead of the U.S. Air Force Small Diameter Bomb (SDB, also known as the GBU-39/B).