Boeing delivers first AH-64E Apache attack helicopter with Indian fuselage to Indian Army

Boeing has initiated the manufacturing process of the AH-64E Apache attack helicopter at its Mesa, Arizona facility. In the year 2020, Boeing successfully delivered 22 AH-64E Apaches to the Indian Air Force and inked an agreement to produce an additional six AH-64Es for the Indian Army, with the anticipated delivery set for 2024, as reported by

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Boeing delivers first AH 64E Apache attack helicopter with Indian fuselage to Indian Army First AH-64E Apache locally produced for the Indian Army  (Picture source: Tata Boeing Aerospace Limited)

This production effort builds upon the collaborative partnership between Boeing and Tata Boeing Aerospace Limited (TBAL), which has now provided the initial AH-64 Apache fuselage to the Indian Army. Salil Gupte, President of Boeing India, expressed satisfaction, stating, "We have achieved another significant milestone that underscores Boeing's steadfast dedication to bolstering India's defense capabilities. The advanced technology and established performance of the AH-64 will heighten the operational readiness of the Indian Army and fortify its defense potential."

This advancement aligns seamlessly with the government's "Make in India" initiative, which also emphasizes the previous manufacturing of the Apache helicopter's fuselage at the Tata Boeing Aerospace facility located in Hyderabad.

The AH-64E possesses the capability to attain a top speed of 280 km/h when operating at higher altitudes. It will be equipped with 16 anti-tank AGM-114 Hellfire and Stringer missiles, in addition to Hydra-70 unguided missiles. These three distinct missile variants offer specialized functionalities for neutralizing armored vehicles, countering airborne threats, and engaging ground targets. The attack helicopter is further outfitted with a 30mm chain gun that has the capacity to discharge 1,200 rounds, maintaining a firing rate ranging between 600 and 650 rounds per minute.