Russian strategic S-70B Okhotnik UAV fires air-to-ground guided missiles

The prototype of the heavy unmanned aerial vehicle Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik, as part of flight tests, launched air-to-surface guided missiles and hit small ground targets, Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported on May 29, echoed by Anna News.

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Russian strategic S 70B Okhotnik UAV fires air to ground guided missiles  S-70 Okhotnik strategic UAV (Picture source: Anna News)

“On the first experimental sample of the S-70B Okhotnik UAV, a series of guided missile firings were carried out as part of flight tests. Several types of air-to-surface missiles were used from the armament of the fifth-generation Su-57 fighter with a real defeat of ground targets”, Novosti‘s source said.

The entire series of guided missile launches was recognized as successful. According to the test results, the Okhotnik unmanned aerial vehicle is capable of effectively hitting small-sized camouflaged ground targets with guided missiles at any time and in any weather conditions.

According to available information, the combat load of the Okhotnik heavy drone ranges from 2.8 to 8 tons. A new sighting and navigation system has been installed, which makes it possible to use unguided aerial bombs with high accuracy in hitting ground targets. Okhotnik/Hunter is capable of autonomously hitting ground stationary targets or limited moving targets with known coordinates that can be obtained from external target designation during flight.