Aeronautics unveils Orbiter 4 tactical UAS with VTOL kit

Aeronautics Group, a provider of integrated holistic solutions based on unmanned systems platforms, payloads and communications for defense and HLS applications -is to unveil the Orbiter 4 system with a flexible VTOL capability. Forces using the Orbiter 4will be able to select launch and/ or landing using a parachute or vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL), depending on the mission.

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Aeronautics unveils Orbiter 4 tactical UAS with VTOL kit  Orbiter 4 UAS without VTOL kit (Picture source: Aeronautics)

The VTOL kit provides superior mission capabilities and offers maximum flexibility for all-terrain missions. The operational forces will, for the first time, be able to adjust the Orbiter 4 for optimal mission profiles whenever and wherever required. The operator can select whether to take off and land the UAS using a traditional Orbiter 4 (launcher and parachute) and to benefit from an outstanding endurance of 24 hours or to attach the VTOL kit for accurate take-off and landing with reduced endurance.

“One of the most important needs in the modern battlefield is the ability to operate systems flexibly, depending on changing conditions,” says Matan Perry, Chief Marketing Officer and VP of Sales at Aeronautics. In response to this need, we have developed the Orbiter 4 VTOL kit. Our goal was to keep the superior advantages of the Orbiter 4 as the most advanced UAS in its segment while adding extra flexibility and more autonomy to field personnel.

“Aeronautics offers a broad portfolio of technologies and capabilities for aerial unmanned systems. To date, the Orbiter 4 system has been demonstrated in a variety of advanced missions around the world, both on land and at sea, and we are confident that the new kit will serve our range of customers around the world.”