Turkey to start mass production of Hurjet light attack aircraft

Turkey’s defense industry is moving forward with mass production of the Hurjet light attack aircraft, a decison made during a Defence Industry Executive Committee meeting chaired by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

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Turkey to start mass production of Hurjet fighter 01 Hürjet showcased at  International Defense Industry Fair, IDEF 2021 (Picture source: Army Recognition)

During the meeting held at the Presidential Complex, issues regarding the production of new domestic and national systems used by the Turkish Armed Forces and security units were discussed, and the first stage mass production decision was taken for Hurjet, whose first flight is planned next year.

Advanced Jet Trainer and Light Attack Aircraft HÜRJET is a single engine, tandem-seat with modern avionics and high-performance features, fulfills a critical role in modern pilot training through its superior performance characteristics.

Turkey to start mass production of Hurjet fighter 02 First flight of Hürjet is planned for March 18, 2023. The date of 18 March is important for Turkey because it symbolizes Turkey’s independence and victory in the Gallipoli War, the year 2023 is also highly symbolic because it is the centennial of the Turkish Republic. (Picture source: Army Recognition)

Combat variant provides a battlefield force multiplier through a wide range of mission capabilities and an extensive payload.

HÜRJET Project has started to fulfil international and Turkish Air Force requirements by replacing aging T-38s as Advanced Jet Trainers (AJT) and F-5s as Acrobatic Team Aircrafts with a modern high performance multirole aircraft.

In addition to these, HÜRJET’s capabilities also extent to:

- Replacing aging jet trainers, majority of which are 20 or more years old.
- Being used as Advanced Jet Trainers due to the increasing number of 5th generation aircraft (TFX, F-35, etc.) and their changing configurations

Considering the multirole aircraft market, Turkish Aerospace has started HÜRJET Program with the intention of targeting the potential in the market by benefiting from its experience and skills on cost effective design/production of trainer/light aircraft/system.

Turkey to start mass production of Hurjet fighter 03

Hürjet specifications (Picture source: Army Recognition)