British firm AERALIS takes another step forward by joining forces with Hamble Aerostructures

According to a PR published by AERALIS on April 19, 2022, the innovative British jet designer AERALIS, has announced it is partnering with Hamble Aerostructures, an Aernnova Group company, for integrated manufacturing design support of the common core fuselage and canopy of AERALIS’ unique modular jet.

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British firm AERALIS takes another step forward by joining forces with Hamble Aerostructures  Aeralis booth at DIMDEX 2022, Doha. (Picture source: Aeralis)

The collaboration agreement with Hamble Aerostructures will enable key support to be provided to develop the structural design to achieve the key Preliminary Design Review milestone and will seek to integrate the initial design with Hamble’s expertise in manufacturing capability.

This will support the production of the AERALIS jet to ensure that by the time the aircraft is being produced at scale, the operation will be streamlined and highly cost-effective due to extensive early production planning.

The two companies will work in close partnership with staff from AERALIS working at the Hamble Aerostructure site in Hamble, and staff from Hamble Aerostructures will be joining the AERALIS team at their site in Bristol.

This announcement is the next step in the journey for AERALIS, which has grown considerably in the last twelve months, with further partnership agreements also in negotiation.

Hamble has produced a variety of aviation systems over its 85+ year history. Beginning as a producer of flying boats for British Marine Aircraft, Hamble has leveraged its capabilities into the civil and military aviation industries to become a world-class composite, metallic, and hybrid aerostructures manufacturer with additional capabilities for producing military role equipment and canopy systems.

Its extensive military aerostructure experience on a variety of products on multiple military platforms including Hawk, T-45, Tornado, Harrier, Typhoon, P8, C-17, A400M & F-35 make it ideally suited to assist AERALIS on this existing new venture.