Russia to deploy 12 laser optical systems for space control by 2025

About 12 new laser optical systems for monitoring outer space will go operational in Russia by 2025, the Defense Ministry told the media on Russia's Space Forces Day.

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Russia to deploy 12 laser optical systems for space control by 2025 01

Russian Defense Ministry(Picture source: Tass)

"Within the framework of implementing the program for perfecting and developing the Russian system of monitoring outer space Russia's Space Forces are pushing ahead with the effort to create a new generation of specialized ground-based system of monitoring outer space. By 2025, Russia will deploy more than 12 new laser-optical and radio-technical systems based on different principles of detecting and identifying space objects," the Defense Ministry said.

The first laser optical system of a new generation has entered combat duty in the Altai Region. Currently the forces of the German Titov Main Test Space Center runs more than 300 advanced or upgraded systems of control of space satellites.

Also, research is in progress into the command and measurement systems of a new generation.


"The commissioning of unified command and measurement systems will make it possible to make the transition to new technologies of controlling Russia's orbital group of satellites and dramatically reduce the list of older generations of control systems on duty," the Defense Ministry said.

Russia's Space Forces mark its professional holiday every year on October 4. On this day in 1957, the space era was ushered in when the first satellite was launched from the Baikonur space site.

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