Ukraine showed video of destruction of Russian military equipment by ACE-1 new attack drone

At the military exhibition Arms and Security-2021 Ukrainian military-industrial enterprises and private companies presented many new products planned for adoption by the Ukrainian army. One of the "ambitious projects" is an Ukrainian multipurpose attack drone, Novosti reports. Volodymyr Usov, a former Chairman of the State Space Agency of Ukraine, who previously developed Kwambio and Gutenbergz startups, introduced a new project — the ACE One combat drone.

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Ukraine showed video of destruction of Russian military equipment by new attack drone 1 Artist rendering of the Ukrainian Ace One stealth strike UAV (Picture source: Air Combat Evolution)

The mock-up of a strike stealth UAV was presented to the visitors and its demonstration caused enthusiastic publications in the Ukrainian media, according to Novosti. The developers especially succeeded in the presentation video, in which a Ukrainian drone destroys Russian military equipment. The video has already been spread on social networks.

The new Ukrainian drone was created as a lying wing and resembles the Russian S-70 Okhotnik strike drone. In the video, using high-precision missiles, it easily destroys a reconnaissance drone, very reminiscent of the Russian Orion, after which it strikes a Russian T-90 tank and in the end destroys a military field camp, apparently, pro-Russian separatists.

The video shows data from a new Ukrainian drone. With dimensions: 8.5 meters long, 11 meters wide and take-off weight of 7.5 tons. It will have a combat range of 1,500 km. The declared flight altitude is up to 13.5 km. The single engine, judging by the video, will provide the UAV with subsonic speed. Since the drone is to be created using stealth technology, all weapons are planned to be placed in internal compartments.

The preliminary cost of the system, according to a press release, will amount to $ 12-13 million.