Russia scores second on global market of gunship helicopters

The Rynki Vooruzheniy (Arms Markets) Russian analytical monthly journal published an article about the global market of helicopter gunships in June. It said Russia retained the second place.

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Russian scores second on global market of gunship helicopters Mil Mi-28NE gunship displayed at Army 2019 defense forum in Patriot Park, Kubinka (Picture source: Army Recognition)

The global market of helicopter gunships is estimated at 32.15 billion dollars in the coming ten years (2021-2030). 897 helicopters will be procured. Asia leads the market by potential, but not implemented orders (8.1 billion dollars) followed by North and South Americas by the potential orders (6.16 billion). The contracts for helicopter gunships include available models. The procurement of a small number of new modifications is likely in the end of the decade.

US producers dominate the market with 62 percent followed by Russia (29%), France (4%), Italy (2%), the UK (2%), and Turkey (1%).

37 countries currently operate 3,330 helicopter gunships. 62 percent of them were produced by the United States. US AH-64 Apache leads the export list (1,542 units). AH-64D Block III designated as AH-64E Apache Guardian has been produced and exported since 2012. There are 448 of them in the world and the number will grow, as the interest of Western countries is on the rise and US ground forces plan to procure the helicopters.

Russia occupies the second place with 29 percent and exports three types of helicopters: Mi-24/35, Ka-52, and Mi-28. Mi-24 is the second in the world by the number of exported helicopters (521 units). Modern Mi-35M modification has been exported since 2005 and 179 helicopters were sold.

Mi-24/35 family strikes at ground targets, engages in assault operations, transports small cargoes, but is no direct competitor to western gunships for several reasons. Therefore, Mi-28 (133 units), Ka-52 and Ka-52K (204) are the real representatives of Russian gunships in the market niche. The Russian Defense Ministry plans to order another 114 Kamov helicopters in the framework of the 2018-2027 arms program.

The journal said Russian helicopters are enjoyed by countries, which cannot afford costly western rotorcraft. They have an attractive cost and sufficient transportation capacity.

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